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Aviation Art
Collectors Pipes-Ram&Viking Collectors Pipes-Ram&Viking Single wall Clay Pipes Glaze month peice
Danish Nissel Elves

The mysteries of multi-piece mold making are expertly revealed by this master craftsman.

Step 1 parting line
Step 2 Clay up
Step 3 Square off and Shellac
Step 4 Parting Agent
Step 5 Casting Boards
Step 6 Palster Preparation
Step 7 Pour Plaster
Step 8 Remove Boards
Step 9 Clean and Key
Step 10 Pour Second half of mold
Step 11 Open the Mold
Step 12 Two mold halves
Step 13 Remove the Model
Step 14 The Pour Hole
Step 15 Check Mold & Dry

Only $49.50

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Plain Clay Pipes

Skin Packed

"This is a Must have DVD for anyone serious about learning the craft of making their own molds in a professional manner. Anthony has been a great influence in our shop procedures" 

Steve Axtell -
Axtell Expressions, Inc.

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